Kill The Old

Extermination Of Elderly Skum

Dispose Of The Elderly
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I have this thing against old people. I just hate old people. They're just a pile of rotting flesh. They have no general function, except to live off their children and collect on social security. That money could be put to good use.
I believe the human population is growing. They say for every person that dies a child is born. That isn't necessarily true but it makes sense. Once a person has lived their life and is no longer a functioning part of the system I believe they should be disposed of.
We could send them to institutions where they could live out their days much like they would in a retirement home. We could put them to work and make them less useless. Or we could send them to war. Let our old ones duke it out over seas. They are expendable.
We could also kill them. Put them out of their misery and pain. There are some exceptions. Healthy people could be omitted from these procedures. If they took good care of themselves or received a high honor in their past.
Think about it. It's plausable I think. There would be less car accidents by drivers who refuse to give up their license due to dignity. There would be more room for people starting new lives and more houses available. The nations young people would bring fresh ideas into the system and make room for a newer, modernized world.