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News broadcast from Senodloe, West Virginia:

The old are now sucking the youth from the nations children. Unwanted infants are subjected to harsh treatment and ultimately having the life literally sucked out of them with tubes. This is an outrage and something must be done immediately...although we all know that the government will cover it up somehow and keep the truth from the world...

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now back to Tom with the weather
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Most Hated

The old people I want dead:

1. My Grandma Shelia

2. My Grandpa Dale

3. My Grandma Dolores

4. That lady at the store who said 'goth' was just a fad and I'd grow out of it. (I'm not goth)

5. The guy whose truck my brother threw a stick at.

6. My Grandma Edna

7. My poor Skitzo Aunt Lorettia

8, 9, & 10. The three old ladies my step-step-dad gave my cats to.
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